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Welcome to Exquizite Quizine, a quizzing blog, whose weird set of questions and irregularity of updation are but a reflection of similar qualities in it's creator. Welcome to this blog an good luck in answering the questions which feature here, and you're welcome to post answers as comments. Just make sure that if you're answering questions then encrypt them in any ingenious fashion which ensures that others don't end up accidentally reading them. One suggestion is ROT13[W]

Cheerio and as the notice on some other less well known place says, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

(*) The Cure for Procrastination . . .

is other procrastination. I just realised that. When you have work that you should do, but can put off, is when you think of updating your blog. We here at African or European, are back to famigerating your daily dose of weird information. Hopefully for a more lasting time.