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Monday, September 05, 2005

[7] Le Septième Set

10 points before I get to the official set.

01)Is there a mention of the names of the seven horses of Surya, in mythology? I've been curious about this for quite some time, and if so are they in any way linked to the days of the week.(I know the days are named after the Navagrahas sans Rahu and Ketu). Let me know if you have any clue. Anyway, back to today's set:

10)Noting that ^C^V is the best form of flattery, I'm thinking of maintaining a list of ratings for questions as well. The rating system is as follows:

Obscurity/Difficulty: 3-Arcane, 2-Difficult Question 1-Common Knowledge

Quality/Class: a-The Real Grade-A shit, b-Interesting funda, c-Run-of-the-mill question
Just post these as comments to the post which announces the answers.

You do know binary, right?

  • Q1: Connect the following images:

  • Q2: The American Dialect Society had, in 2003, voted "to google" as the most popular neologism of 2002. Google then sent a cease-and-desist letter to Paul McFedries, creator of the site, and demanded that he remove google from his lexicon. However, apparently due to an explicit condition in US trademark laws, Google couldn't force him to do so. What is the funda? As a hint: This Calvin & Hobbes strip inspired the title of a slashdot article on this issue.

  • Q3: When the band X composed a song based on Y's book Z, the author Y refused to allow them to call their song Z. When the band sent a letter to Y's agent requesting permission, his agent responded: "No. Because Y doesn't like rock bands, particularly heavy rock bands, and especially rock bands like X." They tried to convince Y that the song would be a good promo for the book, but he still refused. So they were finally forced to name the song something else. Identify. As a hint, the song contains many seemingly senseless words ("Fremen," "Caladan," "gom jabbar," "Muad'Dib," etc.) all derived from the Z. The singer did, understandably, mispronounce some of these words.

    (Thanks to George for the question)

That's all for now,

PS: Will be posting solutions for set 2 soon.


Anonymous Sumeet said...

2) Vf vg fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu gur snpg gung Tbbtyr vf qrevirq sebz Tbbtby, juvpu vf n ahzore? Fbzr ehyr yvxr 'jbeqf qrevirq sebz ahzoref pnaabg or genqrznexrq' be fbzrguvat? (Whfg n jvyq thrff)

3) V xabj L=Senax Ureoreg naq M=Qhar. Ab vqrn nobhg gur ebpx onaq be gur fbat.

Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

1. Gur pbaarpgvba vf cebonoyl fpuvmbcueravn. Gur Uvaqv zbivr jnf vafcverq ol Cevzny Srne, gur Ratyvfu zbivr cbfgre vf cebonoyl gur Znpuvavfg (tbbtyrq gur qverpgbe'f anzr, gubhtu V fubhyq unir erpbtavfrq Onyr), gur Fvqarl Furyqba bar vf.... V qba'g xabj, ntnva V tbbtyrq fbzrguvat, cbffvoyl gur Bgure Fvqr bs Zvqavtug, naq gur pnegbba fubjf bar bs Pnyiva'f znal nygre rtbf, cbffvoyl Fghcraqbhf Zna.
3. Gunaxf sbe gur perqvg.... tnir vg qhevat gur Ragregnvazrag dhvm, qvqa'g V? Qhar, Senax Ureoreg, Veba Znvqra. Va fbzr beqre. :)
2. Ab vqrn jung vg npghnyyl vf. Erfvfgrq gur grzcgngvba gb tbbtyr. Cbffvoyl vg'f nobhg abg pncvgnyvfvat gur svefg yrggre. Cbffvoyl gurer'f n ersrerapr gb Krebk'f fvzvyne raqrnibhef: "Lbh pna znxr n pbcl bs n pbcl ba n pbcvre, ohg lbh pna'g krebk n krebk ba n Krebk."

Fbeel sbe gur yngr cbfgvat. Vagrerfgvat dhrfgvbaf.



Anonymous Jayant said...

I am Jayant Pande, first-year student, IITK.Have just stumbled upon your blog, so i'm posting my attempt at this late hour.

For q1. and q3. i read george's answers, so i won't attempt them.As for q2., i think that the funda is that forming new words by transforming nouns into verbs is allowed.i.e. , from the noun google, the creation of the verb "to google" is not a legal offence.(I basically recognized the Calvin strip.)

Anonymous Jayant said...

I'm sorry about forgetting to rot13 my attempt.


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