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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

[5] The Last Supper

This is probably my last post before the midsems(except maybe, the answers of The first post which I think I'll post tommorow or the day after), lest I end up flunking my exams or something (gotta start mugging, or at least make myself believe tha I am). (As for the title of this post I noticed that it's just been 13 questions on this blog + there's going to be a hiatus in between). Some fairly easy ones this time, [Note: A hint for Q4 of The First Course, guvax Pneebyy, seeing as no one has cracked it yet]. On to today's Quiz:

  • Q1: Described as "a kind of Lost World", where archaic animals, elsewhere long extinct, had evolved into giant and dwarf forms, the island had dwarf elephants and giant monitor lizards akin to the Komodo dragon, as well as X, which can be considered a species of diminutive human. The discoverers called members of this species "Y", after Z's race of roughly the same height. In the island's mythology there were common references to Ebu Gogo, a small furry man, even into modern times. What am I talking about?

    A pic of the X:

  • Q2: A very easy one, ``If this is going to be your attitude we will close all the courts and you do whatever you want. You do your duty, then we will do our duty." Who said it and why?

  • Q3: A fairly simple one. What is common to the following words/phrases: tea, Paper tiger, lose face, ketchup, silk? [Obviously this is a non-exhaustive list]



Anonymous Sumeet said...

Url, V guvax V npghnyyl tbg nyy bs gurz, naq V qvqa'g rira unir gb hfr Tbbtyr!*

1) Gur vfynaq ersreerq gb vf Syberf Vfynaq, Vaqbarfvn. Erpragyl, erznvaf bs n ubzvavq fcrpvrf pnyyrq Ubzb syberfvrafvf jrer sbhaq gurer, jub zvtug unir orra gur zlguvpny "Roh Tbtb".

2) Puvrs Whfgvpr E. P. Ynubgv, rkcerffvat uvf nathvfu bire gur tbireazrag'f pevgvpvfz bs gur Fhcerzr Pbheg qrpvfvba gb ona erfreingvbaf va cevingr pbyyrtrf.

3) Gurer'f n Puvan pbaarpgvba, vfa'g gurer? Cncre gvtre, fvyx, xrgpuhc; V oryvrir gurve rglzbybtl vf ebbgrq va Puvarfr jbeqf/cuenfrf.

*: V hfrq ZFA gb trg fbzr qrgnvyf ba D.1. gubhtu ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Gur vfynaq bs Syberf


2) EP Ynubgv jeg gur fgnaqbss orgjrra gur tbig bs Vaqvn naq Fhcerzr Pbheg ertq erfreingvba bs frngf va cevingr pbyyrtrf.

fbeel nobhg gur rznvy...pyvpxrq gbb sne gb gur evtug :-)


Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

Erzrzorerq gur Syberafvf be jungrire qvzvahvgvir uhznaf... pna'g gryy lbh rknpgyl K,L,M. Jvyy tbbtyr vg. Ybbxrq ng gur gjb cerivbhf ragevrf. Qvqa'g xabj gur Fhcerzr Pbheg guvatl. Guveq bar guvax Fhzrrg vf evtug - vg'f cebonoyl Puvan. V guvax nyy gurfr jbeqf/cuenfrf/bowrpgf unq gurve bevtva va Puvan. Cncre gvtre vf sebz n Znb dhbgr.

Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

Ururu. Pyvpxrq ba gur cvpgher ol nppvqrag naq gur yvax fnvq uboovg, fb gung svyyf va L naq M.


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