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Saturday, September 10, 2005

[8] The Colour of Magic

With this, the eighth set of questions I'm realising that as usual having bitten off more than can be masticated in comfort, I'm running out of satisfactory questions. Being a man of great integrity and many virtues (humility being the foremost on that list) I guess I'll have to reduce the frequency of updation, rather than post what I would consider substandard questions, but I'll still try to maintain a routine of at least one, and usually two updates per week. Anyway, on to the Quiz:

  • Q1: Identify the speaker(also the man in the picture):
    Mutual understanding would be immensely facilitated by the use of one universal tongue. But which shall it be, is the great question. At present it looks as if the English might be adopted as such, though it must be admitted that it is not the most suitable. Each language, of course, excels in some feature. The English lends itself to a terse, forceful expression of facts. The French is precise and finely distinctive. The Italian is probably the most melodious and easiest to learn. The Slavic tongues are very rich in sound but extremely difficult to master. The German is unequaled in the facility it offers for coining and combining words. A practical answer to that momentous question must perforce be found in times to come, for it is manifest that by adopting one common language the onward march of man would be prodigiously quickened. I do not believe that an artificial concoction, like Volapuk, will ever find universal acceptance, however time-saving it might be. That would be contrary to human nature. Languages have grown into our hearts. I rather look to the possibility of a reversion to the old Latin or Greek mother tongues, basing myself in this conclusion on the Spencerian law of rhythm. It seems unfortunate that the English-speaking nations, who are now fittest to rule the world, while endowed with extraordinary energy and practical intelligence, are singularly wanting in linguistic talent.

    This gentleman spoke in addition to his native language Serbo-Croatian: Latin, Italian, French, German, and English. He was famous though, not for his knowledge of languages or anything, being an extremely prolific inventor with over 700 patents. Some people claiming that he had harnessed the Rays of the Sun; Discovered Ways of Transmitting Power without Wires and of Seeing by Telephone; Invented a Means of Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser; and much more . . .

  • Q2: What are these pictures, results of a NASA study about?

  • Q3: Arbit question for the day: What does this map depict?

That's it fer now, bonus question, what's the funda behind the title of this post?

PS: Will be posting the answers to the third Quiz soon.


Anonymous Sumeet said...

1. Vf vg Avxbyn Grfyn?
2. Ab vqrn; fbzrubj gur cvpf erzvaq zr bs eryngvivgl naq gur jnecvat bs fcnprgvzr; vg pbhyqa'g or eryngrq gb gung, pbhyq vg?
3. Ertvbaf bs Terng Oevgnva pynffvsvrq nppbeqvat gb ynathntr/qvnyrpg fcbxra?
[Obahf Dhrfgvba] Bayl nafjre V xabj sbe fher; "Gur Pbybhe bs Zntvp" vf gur svefg gvgyr va Greel Cengpurgg'f nznmvat Qvfpjbeyq frevrf, naq va gur Qvfpjbeyq, gurer ner rvtug pbybhef va gur envaobj; gur rvtugu bar orvat Bpgnevar, gur pbybhe bs zntvp. Fb qbgu frg ab. 8 trg vgf anzr.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Avxbyn Grfyn
2. Ab vqrn. Pbojrof?
3. Yvathvfgvp nernf bs Oevgnva? Ab vqrn :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Avxbyn Grfyn
2. Ab vqrn. Pbojrof?
3. Yvathvfgvp nernf bs Oevgnva? Ab vqrn :(

Blogger Shanth said...

Dear `` Anonymous'',
I'm guessing that you're from the UK, hence not Akshat. If so, please try to sign your posts with at least some sort of nick/handle if you want to remain anonymous; merely for the purpose differentiation from other visitors.


PS: thans for the Esperanto post :)

Anonymous Anon. said...

1) Avxbynv Grfyn - gur cvpgher tnir vg njnl!
2) Pbojrof naq gur neg bs jrnivat?
shaqn- Gur Tbbq Ybeq pna abg qb jung ur qbrf jvgubhg n pbhcyr bs qvr naq n srj dhvpx fjvtf.

ogj, qb lbh unir n pbcl bs gur obbx va dhrfgvba?


Anonymous Sumeet said...

Unir bognvarq zber vasb ba D'f 2 naq 3, juvpu V pbhyqa'g erfvfg cbfgvat:

2. Puybeny Ulqengr, Znevwhnan, Oramrqevar, YFQ, Abezny (haqehttrq) naq Pnssrvar erfcrpgviryl; qvq V trg nyy gubfr evtug? Zl vavgvny thrff jnf jnl bss gura; thrff V gbbx gur ANFN guvat gbb yvgrenyyl. Gurl ner pbojrof nsgre nyy. Pehry rkcrevzrag gubhtu; jub jbhyq unir gubhtug gur ANFN crbcyr jrag nebhaq qehttvat fcvqref?

3. Gur fbyvq yvarf ercerfrag ertvbaf jurer ynathntrf bgure guna Ratyvfu ner fcbxra, juvyr gur qbggrq barf ner whfg gur qvssrerag nppragf be qvnyrpgf bs gur Dhrra'f ynathntr. Sbe vafgnapr, gur gjb fbyvq yvtug oyhr nernf pyrneyl ercerfrag
gur znva ertvbaf jurer gur Tnryvp ynathntrf ner fcbxra (Fpbggvfu Tnryvp naq Vevfu). Gur gjb fbyvq yvarf va gur Fbhgu jbhyq or gur ertvbaf bs gur Prygvp ynathntrf (Benatr = Jryfu naq Yvtug Terra = Pbeavfu). Nyy gur bguref ner whfg inevngvbaf bs Ratyvfu; ertvbaf yvxr Jnyrf, Fpbgynaq, Abegurea Verynaq naq gur Erchoyvp bs Verynaq ner snveyl pyrneyl qrznepngrq ol gur qnfurq yvarf. Nyfb, fbzr znwbe pvgvrf nccrne gb or znexrq frcnengryl, gurfr ner (V guvax) Tynftbj naq Rqvaohetu va Fpbgynaq, naq Ybaqba, Ovezvatunz, Zvqqyrfoebhtu naq Yvirecbby va Ratynaq. V fhccbfr nyy gurfr cynprf unir gurve bja havdhr jnl bs fcrnxvat Ratyvfu.

Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

Fbeel sbe gur yngr erfcbafr. V engure fhfcrpg gur vairagbe gb or Avxbyn Grfyn, gur fghqvrf gb or bs rvgure n) senpghevat va gvyrf hfrq ba gur fcnpr fuhggyr be o) gur Anmpn Vaqvna yvarf naq V unir ab vqrn nobhg gur znc bs Oevgnva, hayrff vg unf fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu vgf vainfvba. Gur Pbybhe bs Zntvp vf Bpgnevar, gur 8gu pbybhe va gur envaobj, ivfvoyr bayl gb Greel Cengpurgg'f jvmneqf.

Anonymous Jayant said...

1.Vf gur thl Avpbyn Grfyn (travhf vairagbe, naq angvir ynathntr Freob-Pebngvna...)

3.jvyq thrff. qbrf gur znc fubj gur oevgvfu pevpxrg pbhagvrf?

...gur shaqn oruvaq gur gvgyr bs gur cbfg - "gur pbybhe bs zntvp" vf n grev cengpurgg abiry, jvgu gur znva vqrn gung nyy gung unccraf vf qhr gb gur tbqf' tnzoyvat(tbbtyrq guvf).fb creuncf h zrna gb vzcyl n fvzvyne qrterr bs enaqbzarff va lbhe oybt...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

V znex zl qrohg jvgu jung V oryvrir vf n pbeerpg nafjre gb cebonoyl gur bayl dhrfgvba V pna nafjre ba guvf oybt :)

3. Cerwhqvpr Znc- sebz Tbbtyr, pbyyngrq ol ohpxrgvmvat frnepu erfhygf sebz qvssrerag ertvbaf.

Ineha Xbuyv

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuvg! Nz abg fb fher abj nsgre V ernq Trbetr'f nafjre naq ernyvmrq (V xabj :)) gung vg jnf Oevgnva'f znc...naljnlf, sbe ynpx bs n orggre erfcbafr, yrg zr fgvpx ol zl nafjre :Q



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