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Saturday, September 03, 2005

[6] Revenge of the Sixth

The Sixth Set of Questions:

  • Q1: A visual connect:

    Need a clue? ``Three __ for __ __''

  • Q2: Coining a famous phrase, Orwell wrote:
    We may be heading not for general breakdown but for an epoch as horribly stable as the slave empires of antiquity. James Burnham's theory has been much discussed, but few people have yet considered its ideological implications - this is, the kind of world-view, the kind of beliefs, and the social structure that would probably prevail in a State which was once unconquerable and in a permanent state of '__ __' with its neighbours.
    Fill in the blanks.

  • Q3: Consider the following that appeared in the Nepal Times sometime in Feb this year:
    The sudden epidemic of tree-felling along Kathmandu’s streets is drastic, misguided and not consonant with the needs of the population. In an increasingly congested valley, foliage provides both utility and aesthetics . . . They provide shade to the pedestrian, a demographic category which today is highly neglected by our increasingly motorised urban populace . . . Take away the trees from our sight and senses and our very existence suffers . . . True, Kathmandu’s poplars and eucalyptus are imports and that they do not have the strength of indigenous varieties. But the fact is that they have provided cover and beauty for a long time now. They have become our own, like so many other exotic species that dot the landscape. It is said that these imports are vulnerable to strong winds due to loose root structures but our analysis shows that the maligned arbours have not been guilty of destruction to the extent that they have to be done away with. All in all, the trees should not have been axed. Because the damage has been done, can we ask the concerned authority to promptly correct the move and bring back greenery?

    This odd article which appeared in the editorial of a leading Nepali Daily, was accompanied by several similar ones (such as an article on ``Socks and Society'', on the hygienic importance of wearing clean socks and stuff) in other Nepali Nespapers. What is the reason for this weird phenomenon in the Himalayan Kingdom? Need a hint? This somewhat similar to an obituary printed a long time ago, in the Times of India about the death of Ruth's husband. [Its a beautiful funda]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

v'z trggvat orggre naq orggre ng tbbtyvat bhg jrveq fghss!
rkprcg sbe guvf jrocntr (juvpu zvtug unir vafcverq gur dhrfgvba), v qba'g ernyyl frr nal bgure pbaarpgvba...chg uggc va sebag bs gur yvax: bcvavba.cnvsnzvyl.pbz/?c=1241


Anonymous Anonymous said...

silly it!


Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

1. Dhnexf, jvgu gur svefg orvat fbzr cnegvpyr genwrpgbevrf, gur frpbaq orvat Dhnex sebz QF9. Zhfg fnl V pna'g erpbtavmr gur bgure gjb, ohg pbhyq cebonoyl tbbtyr/jvxv gurz.
2. Pbyq Jne?
3. Lbh xabj lbh frevbhfyl arrq gb or pyrnere jura senzvat lbhe dhrfgvbaf. Orsber lbhe 'uvag', V unq ab vqrn jung gb qb jvgu gur cnffntr. Vg'f nabgure znggre gung V fgvyy qba'g xabj gur nafjre, ohg frevbhfyl, gur ynpx bs pynevgl va jung jr ner fhccbfrq gb qb vf veevgngvat. V zrna, 'pbafvqre gur sbyybjvat'? Jul qba'g V pbagrzcyngr zl aniry? Jryy, jvyy gel gb tbbtyr. Thrffvat vg unf fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu fgerrg anzrf? Njnvgvat gur shaqn. Vagrerfgvat dhrfgvba gubhtu.

Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...

Googled the relevant stuff for Qs 1 and 3. Must say really liked Q3. Well done.

Blogger Shanth said...

> Q3. You know you seriously need to be
> clearer when framing your questions.
> Before your 'hint', I had no idea what
> to do with the passage. It's another
> matter that I still don't know the answer,
> but seriously, the lack of clarity in
> what we are supposed to do is irritating.
> I mean, 'consider the following'? Why
> don't I contemplate my navel? Well, will
> try to google. Guessing it has something
> to do with street names? Awaiting the
> funda. Interesting question though.

Yikes! Didn't notice that the question didn't end as a question at all. All I can say is, the blood level in my caffeine system is a bit too low to permit coherent rational actvity. Just edited the question a bit. I guess a better framed question should have made it a bit more work-outable eliminating Google and making it a more fulfilling question.

However, I must add that navel contemplation in itself can be a very satisfying activity depending on whose navel it is that you contemplate.


Blogger Shanth said...

> i'm getting better and better at googling out
> weird stuff!
Just means, I'll have to start making the stuff weirder :)


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