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Monday, September 05, 2005

(2) The Second Fix

Here're the answers to the second set:
  • Q1: The answer is JRR Tolkien. This is from an essay of his called A Secret Vice, about the act of conlanging. A slightly obscure one, but very well known withing the conlanging community, in fact the phrase 'Yes, I think I shall express the accusative case by a prefix!' came pretty close to being the motto of the conlanging community.

  • Q2: George got this one, the answer is the Romani people or the gypsies(the term is sometimes considered derogatory). The bulk of linguistic evidence seems to indicate that they migrated from the Indian subcontinent around 1000AD or so.

  • Q3: This was really arbit, but anyway it's a great story made all the more beautiful by the fact that it's factual. It's about the 47 Ronin. Check out the story at wikipedia.