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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

(6) In Flavours Six they be

Now moving on to the Sixth Set,

  • Q1: This was another in one of my series of vaguely arbit picture connects starting with the Snark(Q4) in the first set. The answer was "Quark" as Rare Hand Axe got it. The photos are: a particle track of possibly a discovery photograph of a possible charmed baryon, now identified as the ╬úc++ (among the initial evidencefor quarks to be more than convenient mathematical constructs), Quark from Deep Space 9, Quark(a type of robot) from the Doctor Who, and finally a type of Cheese (Yeah, weird - I know)

  • The second question was just the first use of the term Cold War, as Rare Hand Axe says.

  • Q3: Now this was a question I really liked. It's about an honest press fighting censorship through ingenious means. The whole article was metaphorically about the suspension of a democratic government. Read this article for more about the same. A similar thing was done by the The Times of India(in it's pre tabloid days) during Mrs Gandhi's emergency. Read the article it's really nice.


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