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Welcome to Exquizite Quizine, a quizzing blog, whose weird set of questions and irregularity of updation are but a reflection of similar qualities in it's creator. Welcome to this blog an good luck in answering the questions which feature here, and you're welcome to post answers as comments. Just make sure that if you're answering questions then encrypt them in any ingenious fashion which ensures that others don't end up accidentally reading them. One suggestion is ROT13[W]

Cheerio and as the notice on some other less well known place says, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

[1] The First Course

Thus begins the first Quiz on this site:

  • Q1: This 16th Century gentleman coined the term Zenzizenzizenzic to denote the eighth power of a number. That is, the Zenzizenzizenzic of three is 6561. In the picture shown below, is a page from a document of his.

    What is the significance of this page?

  • Q2: Now for a really arbit question. A visual Connect:
    What gives? [Plagiarised from here ]

  • Q3: X is widely believed to have said "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." However, this quote is most probably just a legend, and the first place it was mentioned was in the film Y. What are X and Y and what is the quote about?

  • Q4: An interesting albeit arbit visual connect:

I guess that's it for now, a bonus question: What's the funda behind the title of this blog?

Happy Quizzing,


Blogger Rare Hand Axe said...


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1. Gur svefg hfr bs gur rdhny fvta '='. Gur pyhr vf gur cneg jurer ur gnyxf nobhg gjb cnenyyry yvarf bs rdhny yratgu, naq ubj ab gjb guvatf pbhyq or zber rdhny.

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4. V'z nsenvq V pna'g tvir lbh nalguvat sbe guvf rvgure. Rkgerzryl vagevthvat gubhtu. Vs V unq gb onooyr, V'q fnl fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu gur Cragntba, gur qrivy (cragnpyr), be gur Encgbe. Fbeel, cngurgvp nggrzcg.

3. Vf vg gur rzcrebe bs Wncna gnyxvat nobhg gur nggnpx ba Crney Uneobhe? Be fbzr bgure uvfgbevpny guvatl yvxr Ancbyrna naq Ehffvn, be Wncna vainqvat Puvan. Be vf vg fbzrguvat gbgnyyl qvssrerag yvxr Ovyy Tngrf gnyxvat nobhg Nccyr, gur zbivr orvat Nagvgehfg?

Gur Obahf: Svanyyl, fbzrguvat V pna trg. Gur dhrfgvba Neguhe nfxf ng gur oevqtr va "Zbagl Clguba naq gur Ubyl Tenvy".

V ernyvmr vg'f gbhtu orvat erthyne, ohg V rawblrq guvf, fb cyrnfr xrrc vg hc!

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